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Mega Pack
$438.90 $249.95 Mega Pack
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Combo 1 Rock MIDI Drum Loop Pack
$99.75 $79.95 Combo 1 - Rock MIDI Pack
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Big Easy MIDI Drum Loops
$19.95 Big Easy MIDI Drum Loops
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Blues MIDI Drum Loops
$19.95 Blues MIDI Drum Loops
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Rock Essentials 1 MIDI Loops
$19.95 Rock Essentials 1 MIDI Loops
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Groove Agent 4 Support
September 06, 2014
We now support Groove Agent 4. Download 700 free midi loops mapped specifically for Groove Agent.
Rock MIDI Packs Explained
July 01, 2014
A brief explanation about our rock midi drum loop packs. Packs do NOT include duplicate loops!
Addictive Drums 2 Installation
June 16, 2014
There are two methods used to install our loops into Addictive Drums 2. Please note that this is a manual installation. Running our installer will NOT work.
The Best DAWS - Auditioning MIDI Drum Loops
June 16, 2014
Here's a list of the best DAWs for working with midi drum loops. ALL of these include the ability to audition midi loops, a crucial time saving feature.