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Big Easy MIDI Drum Loops
$19.95 Big Easy MIDI Drum Loops
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Blues MIDI Drum Loops
$19.95 Blues MIDI Drum Loops
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Combo 1 Rock MIDI Drum Loop Pack
$99.75 $79.95 Combo 1 - Rock MIDI Pack
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Mega Pack
$438.90 $229.95 Mega Pack
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Rock Essentials 1 MIDI Loops
$19.95 Rock Essentials 1 MIDI Loops
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Rock MIDI Packs Explained
July 01, 2014
A brief explanation about our rock midi drum loop packs. Packs do NOT include duplicate loops!
Addictive Drums 2 Installation
June 16, 2014
There are two methods used to install our loops into Addictive Drums 2. Please note that this is a manual installation. Running our installer will NOT work.
The Best DAWS - Auditioning MIDI Drum Loops
June 16, 2014
Here's a list of the best DAWs for working with midi drum loops. ALL of these include the ability to audition midi loops, a crucial time saving feature.
BFD3 Installation
June 16, 2014
We include BFD3 loops in both our full midi drum loop packs and our free midi loops. Installing for BFD3 is easy. Here's how....