New Midi Blues Bass Loops!

Posted on October 02, 2014 by Groove Monkee

Our first pack of midi bass loops is now available. Four pros helped us craft this diverse, soulful collection of FULL LENGTH blues bass loops.

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Account Activation for Existing Customers - Please Read

Posted on June 05, 2014 by Groove Monkee

Here's post explaining how to download previous purchases from our legacy account area. This article contains crucial information about your account and downloading previous purchases!

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New! Blues Apple Loops!

Posted on April 05, 2014 by Russ Cannizzo

Groove Monkee Blues is a collection of over 800 "green" Apple loops for Blues and Blues Rock. Includes a wide variety of 8 and 12-bar shuffles, blues rumbas, slow blues, half-time and more! It also includes 11 full-length classic blues songs.

About the drummer

Chicago session drummer Patrick Doody's credits include: Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Jr. Wells, Magic Slim, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Otis Rush, J. Geiles, Chris Robinson and the Black Crows Band, Blues Traveler's John Popper, Taj Mahal, Ronnie Baker Brooks and many more.

Drum Tracks Made Easy

8 and 12-bar loops played on hi-hat and ride with fills at the end. Also includes intros, extra fills and classic blues endings!

"Green" Apple Loops

These are green Apple loops, otherwise known as "software instrument" loops. Unlike "blue" loops, YOU have complete control over the drums sounds and effects.

Product Info

  • 800 Apple Drum Loops
  • Played by professional drummer Patrick Doody
  • 8 and 12-bar loops
  • Tempo Range: 78 bpm to 205 bpm
  • Hat and Ride variations
  • Intros, endings and extra fills

$29.95 To order, please visit our online shop or call toll free (855) 421-7621.

Groove Monkee Apple Loops

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Russ Cannizzo

We’ve converted some of our midi drum loop packs into “Green” Apple Loop format.

What are “Green” Apple loops? Unlike “blue” loops, they allow you to edit the underlying midi data so they’re much more flexible. You also have much more control because you choose the drums sounds and effects. At this time, the Logic and Garage Band loop browsers don’t show midi loops so we’ve converted some popular packs into apple loop format.

Here’s an overview our green Apple loops.

Rock Essentials 1 - Apple Loops featuring 7 essential feels: Ballad, 8ths, 16ths, Quarter Driving, Half-Time, Floor Tom and “4 on the floor”. This pack was recorded for those needing simple, commonly used rock and pop rock grooves and fills. Includes extra drum fills arranged by tempo and type (build, flam, toms, snare rolls)! All loops played by a professional studio drummer.

Rock 2 - 700 Apple loops for ballads and softer rock/pop music played by a professional studio drummer. The loops arranged into song format with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro sections. This is for the lighter side of rock featuring a lighter touch and more spacious fills. Includes extra drum fills. Time signatures: 3/4, 6/8 and 4/4.

Rock 3 - Apple Loops for contemporary rock music played by a professional studio drummer. These loops are arranged as song format with intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fills and outro sections. Includes extra drum fills.

Power Rock - Apple Loops for modern hard rock or alternative rock played by a professional studio drummer. The loops are arranged into song format with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro sections. Includes extra drum fills. These loops are suitable for heavier styles of modern rock music: alternative, grunge, post-grunge, alternative metal, nu metal, etc. Whatever you call it, it’s LOUD and HEAVY!!

Free Green Apple Loops: There are several free sets of free green Apple loops available on our Facebook page.

Enjoy and ROCK ON!!!


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