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User Experience: Going the Extra Mile  E-mail
My stepson, a good friend and I have been getting together once a week to drink a little beer and make a lot of noise in my living room with electric guitars and amps and a small P.A. system. We haven't been able to find a drummer, so a couple of weeks ago I picked up an old Yamaha drum machine from an eBay vendor. It's tough to make a machine sound like a human drummer, and I was thrilled to find an outfit in Chicago called Groove Monkee. They sell drum patterns in a number of musical styles, including the blues music that we love to play. The blues patterns were recorded as MIDI files by a real live professional Chicago blues drummer.

Soon after I downloaded and began to sample the drum patterns, I noticed an issue and sent an email message to Russ, the Groove Monkee proprietor. Shortly after I sent the message, I received an auto-reply telling me the message had been received, and advising that a reply would take from one to 12 hours. Shortly thereafter, Russ responded.

I replied with the requested information. Russ replied at 11:05 pm Chicago time. Sure enough, at the stroke of 10:00 am Chicago time the next day, an email message arrived with a link to a zip file. The zip file contained 905 files, each one remapped to work properly with the old drum machine I found on eBay.

I describe this as a world-class customer service experience for one big reason. I made it very clear to this vendor that I had a specific need, and I asked him if he could point me to a software tool that I could use as a workaround. Instead, he voluntarily remapped the files for me, and he came through with the edited files in under 11 hours. He went above and beyond to satisfy my unique needs, and did so in record time.

Will I shop there again? You bet.

Will I tell anyone who will listen about my experience? Absolutely.

You can consider me one very satisfied customer. Thank you for the world-class support!

Kind regards,
Ross W.