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World Beats MIDI Drum Loops

World Beats MIDI Drum Loops

$29.95 $19.95

Product Info

  • 1100 Royalty Free MIDI Drum Loops
  • 5 variations and fills per beat
  • 100+ Odd-Meter Grooves (3/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/4, 12/8)
  • African midi drum loops (Afro 6/8, W African, High Life, Afro-Pop)
  • Afro-Cuban midi drum loops (Bembe, Conga, Mambo, Rumba, Songo, etc.)
  • Caribbean midi drum loops (Calypso, Merengue, Reggae, Dance Hall, etc.)
  • Latin American midi drum loops (Bossa Nova, Baiao, Samba)
  • Formats: Addictive Drums, GM, BFD, BFD2, Eco, EZdrummer, GM,GURU and Reason, Session Drummer, Steven Slate and more! Click here for all available mappings and formats.
  • Percussion grooves for EZX Latin Percussion included
  • Our grooves are NOT quantized!

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Purchasing Info

  • Instant Download or CD
  • Credit Card or Paypal
  • Mac and PC Installers for easy setup

Customer Reviews:

  (Wednesday, 16 February 2011)
Rating: 5

The World Beats are fantastic, I just bought them and they work great with RM V. I’ve been looking for some spot on conga beats for a song I'm working on and this totally did the trick!

newjames37  (Wednesday, 09 February 2011)
Rating: 5

I needed a bossa nova beat for an ad. The patterns I had in my library weren't cutting it. I then thought of Groove Monkey. The "World Beats" collection had exactly what I was looking for. These patterns work so well with Addictive.

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